Psychiatric Technician (PTE)

PTE 1010 | Intro to Behavioral Health Care and Wellness

Lecture Credit: 3

Explores basic principles of behavioral health and wellness care in behavioral health settings. This course develops interpersonal and technical skills while working with clients in psychiatric care settings.

PTE 1017 | Theoretical Concepts of Psychiatric Care II

Lecture Credit: 2

Explores psychiatric problems common to four (4) special populations: children/adolescents, developmentally disabled individuals, aging persons, and forensic clients. The student learns to recognize and intervene with problems common to these four groups.

PTE 1020 | Application of Behavioral Health Care & Wellness

Lecture Credit: 5

Explores basic etiology, symptoms, and interventions for common behavioral and mental health disorders. Provides the opportunity for students to experience the mileu of a behavioral health care setting while providing basic care to clients experiencing common behavioral and mental health issues.