Engineering Graphics Technology (EGT)

EGT 1110 | IDEA: Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications

Lecture Credit: 3

Provides students with opportunities to engage with an industry client on a real-world, open-ended engineering design problem. Students will develop professional skills and knowledge using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) as a primary tool. The course covers human-centered design and the role of engineering in a sustainable society. Students will cultivate an understanding of the differences in engineering disciplines while working in interdisciplinary teams. Written and verbal communication skills will also be covered.

Corequisite: MAT 1340

EGT 2080 | Internship

Internship Credit: 6

Provides students with the opportunity to supplement coursework with practical work experience related to their educational program. Students work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the instructor.

EGT 2089 | Capstone

Lecture Credit: 0-12

A demonstrated culmination of learning within a given program of study.

EGT 2303 | Applied Dimension & Tolerance

Lecture/Lab Credit: 3

Focuses on industrial dimensioning practices, enables the student to develop skills in dimensioning techniques and learn to apply the ASME Y14.5 dimensioning standard.

Prerequisite: CAD 1101 with a grade of C or better, or instructor permission

EGT 2305 | Geometric Dimension and Tolerance

Lecture/Lab Credit: 3

Focuses on interpreting and applying geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT) in machining or drafting per the ASME Y14.5 specification. Demonstrate and distinguish GDT through math formulas, tolerancing systems, modifiers, symbols, datums, and tolerances of form, profile, orientation, run-out and location. Students examine and interpret the generation of a working drawing, and how they are developed as a team effort between design, drafting, manufacturing and quality control.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission