Engineering (EGG)

EGG 1030 | Robotics Design

Lab Credit: 1

Focuses on the process of building an autonomous robot from the initial design to final evaluation. Includes design and building of the mechanical structure, electrical system as well as programming and integration of all systems to produce a fully functional autonomous robot capable of performing a series of proscribed tasks. Culminates with a detailed evaluation of both the robot and its performance.

EGG 1050 | Engineering Data Analysis

Lecture Credit: 1

Focuses on the process of data analysis and presentation for scientists and engineers. Includes an introduction to coding, statistics, probability, data graphics, fitting, modeling, and communicating the data and results in written and oral formats.

EGG 1051 | Experimental Design

Lab Credit: 2

Introduces the student to the design and construction of scientific and engineering experiments. Includes the entire life cycle of the experiment, from design, to construction, to analysis of data and communication of final results.

EGG 1060 | Introduction to Engineering Computing

Lecture Credit: 4

Introduces techniques for designing, implementing, and testing computer programs in higher-level programming languages to solve problems common in engineering domains. This course uses elementary numerical methods, visualization, and tools from engineering.

Corequisite: MAT 2410

EGG 2011 | Engr Mechanics I - Statics

Lecture Credit: 3

Focuses on the vector and calculus treatment of forces and force systems, including particle and rigid body force systems. Additional topics include moments, friction, structures, and section properties.

Prerequisite: MAT 2410 and PHY 2111 with a grade of C or better

EGG 2012 | Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics)

Lecture Credit: 3

Presents content in particle kinematics, including 2-D motion in x-y coordinates, normal tangential coordinates, and polar coordinates; rigid body kinematics, including relative velocities and relative accelerations; and rigid body kinetics, including the equation of motion, work and energy, linear impulse-momentum, and angular momentum.

Prerequisite: EGG 2011 with a grade of C or better