Health And Wellness (HWE)

HWE 1050 | Human Nutrition

Lecture Credit: 3

Introduces basic principles of nutrition with emphasis on personal nutrition. Satisfies nutrition requirement of students entering health care professions.

HWE 1054 | Applied Nutrition to Whole Food Cooking

Lecture Credit: 3

Encompasses the principles of Human Nutrition and applies the concepts to whole food cooking and disease prevention. Students will learn “hands on” whole food cooking principles and preparation methods for a variety of healthy food choices. Course includes knife and food safety, food costing, vocabulary, food preservation, menu planning and shopping for different dietary restrictions and disease populations. Prevention of chronic disease and obesity through good nutrition and healthy eating are foundations for this course.

HWE 1061 | Fitness and Wellness

Lecture Credit: 2

Provides information on fitness and wellness and to serve as a guide to design, implement, and evaluate a complete personal fitness and wellness program. The course integrates the basic components of fitness and wellness in understanding human health in order to achieve well-being. This course offers current information in the health field and provides self-assessments for health risk and wellness behaviors. This includes lifestyle modification, nutrition, weight management, stress management, cardiovascular and cancer risk reduction, exercise and aging, exercise related injury, exercise and the environment, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse (including tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs), and analysis and interpretation of research publications and web sites in health and wellness.

HWE 1068 | Certified Personal Trainer Preparatory Course

Lecture/Lab Credit: 3

Provides knowledge and skills to prepare for a nationally recognized personal training certification. The course includes the development and implementation of exercise programs for healthy populations, and for individuals with medical clearance to exercise.

HWE 1080 | Internship

Internship Credit: 1

To be determines by the individual instructor. A course description will be developed for each course and documented within the course syllabus. Refer to the SFCC Style guide for Course Description, Required Course Learning Outcomes, and Topical Outline Guidelines.