Social & Behavioral Sciences Pathway

Certified Addiction Technician Certificate  

This program provides a comprehensive educational framework for entry into the field of addictions studies and treatment and offers a certificate of proficiency in Certified Addiction Technician (CAT, previously known as CAC 1). A Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) works in entry-level positions as a person who can help the individual with dependence on substances and possible destructive behaviors, and their families. Certified Addiction Technicians can work in a variety of environments, including but not limited to, outpatient facilities, in-patient rehabilitation centers, transition houses; hospitals, addiction recovery centers, counseling centers, hospitals, youth recovery facilities or residential treatment centers. This provides program exceptional learning experiences in the mandatory coursework for each certificate, meeting the state and national standards for addiction work. This certificate focuses on the hands-on learning of skills that enhance a student's capacity to support individuals and families in the process of recovery in all settings using inclusive, culturally responsive approaches. Certification in the state of Colorado requires specialized training and supervised field experience in the addiction field. This program offers all the specialized training for credit college-level courses. The program will also cover current trends, best practices> and up-to-date research findings. In addition, growth is expected in this job market as more people seek treatment for their addictions and more drug offenders are sent to treatment programs rather than to jail. As a result, demand should increase for social and human service assistants who work in treatment programs or work with people with addictions. 

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
CSL 2046 Ethical Practice in Addiction Treatment 1
CSL 2068 Addictions Counseling Skills 1.5
CSL 2065 Culturally Informed Treatment 1
CSL 2050 Motivational Interviewing I 1.5
CSL 2069 Principles of Addiction 1.5
CSL 2061 Case Conceptualization and Documentation 1
CSL 2051 Pharmacology I for Addiction Counselors 1
CSL 2054 Trauma Informed Care 1
CSL 2058 Group Counseling Skills 1.5
 Total Credits11