Associate of Arts Degree

Center for Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences

Anthropology Designation

If you find yourself interested in human society and culture both in the present and the past, and biological variety and changes in humans over time, anthropology may be the degree for you. Our Associate of Arts degree with a designation in anthropology is designed for you to complete the first two years of a bachelor's degree at CCD and transfer to a university to complete a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. It offers the opportunity to study contemporary human cultural variation, human evolution, human cultures of the past, as well as the chance to study how forensic anthropologists identify remains and work with law enforcement, and to compare the health systems of various cultures.

Additionally, we have courses that enable you to apply what you learn and develop real-world skills. By understanding human diversity in the past and present, biologically and culturally, you are well situated to critically assess how and why humans create and adapt to the experiences of the contemporary world, and to consider solutions to common human problems.

Our program includes courses that are common to all Colorado four-year institutions, and will prepare you to complete the second half of a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology at a four-year university as well as for career paths in market research, field and medical research, museum management, public health, community studies, cultural studies and field studies in archaeology.


Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology: GT-SS3 3
ENG 121 English Composition I: GT-CO1 1 3
MAT 135 Intro to Statistics: GT-MA1 2 3
Choose One Communication Course 3
Public Speaking  
Interpersonal Communication  
Intercultural Communication: GT-SS3  
Choose One Arts & Humanities Course (GT-AH1~GT-AH4) 3
World Mythology: GT-AH2  
Music Appreciation: GT-AH1  
Comparative Religions: GT-AH3  
Theatre Appreciation: GT-AH1  
Art Appreciation: GT-AH1  
Ethnic Literature: GT-AH2  
Second Semester
ANT 107 Introduction to Archaeology: GT-SS3 3
ENG 122 English Composition II: GT-CO2 1 3
Choose One Natural & Physical Sciences Course (GT-SC1) 4
General College Biology I with Lab: GT-SC1  
Science of Biology with Lab: GT-SC1  
Environmental Science with Lab: GT-SC1  
Physical Geology with Lab: GT-SC1  
Physical Geography - Weather and Climate with Lab: GT-SC1  
Astronomy I with Lab: GT-SC1  
Choose One Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (GT-SS1~GT-SS3) 3
Introduction to Sociology I: GT-SS3  
Introduction to Ethnic Studies: GT-SS3  
General Psychology I: GT-SS3  
Introduction to Women`s Studies: GT-SS3  
Intro to Political Science: GT-SS1  
Human Geography: GT-SS2  
Choose One History Course (GT-HI1) 3
The World: 1500-Present: GT-HI1  
Women in World History: GT-HI1  
History of Latin America: GT-HI1  
20th Century World History: GT-HI1  
African American History: GT-HI1  
The World: Antiquity-1500: GT-HI1  
Third Semester
ANT 111 Biological Anthropology with Lab: GT-SC1 4
Choose One Anthropology Course (GT-SS3) 3
Indians of North America: GT-SS3 (Choose One ANT Course (GT-SS3))  
Anthropology of Religion: GT-SS3  
Medical Anthropology: GT-SS3  
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology: GT-SS3  
Choose One Natural & Physical Sciences Course (GT-SC1) 4
Human Anatomy & Physiology with Lab I: GT-SC1  
Historical Geology with Lab: GT-SC1  
Conceptual Physics with Lab: GT-SC1  
Introduction to Human Disease: GT-SC2  
Geology of National Parks GT-SC2  
Choose One Arts & Humanities Course (GT-AH1~GT-AH4) 3
Literature of Women: GT-AH2  
Art History Ancient to Medieval: GT-AH1  
Survey of World Music: GT-AH1  
Ethics: GT-AH3  
Spanish Language III: GT-AH4  
Humanities: Early Civilization: GT-AH2  
Choose One Elective 3
Astronomy of Ancient Cultures: GT-SC2  
Introduction to Criminal Justice: GT-SS3  
Spanish Language I 4  
Environmental Anthropology  
Anthropology of Energy  
French Language I 4  
Fourth Semester
Choose One Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (GT-SS1~GT-SS3) 3
Women and Social Action: GT-SS3  
Sociology of Diversity: GT-SS3  
Introduction to Mass Media: GT-SS3  
World Regional Geography: GT-SS2  
Human Growth and Development: GT-SS3  
Women's Sexuality: GT-SS3  
Choose One Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (GT-SS1~GT-SS3) 3
International Relations: GT-SS1  
Environmental Sociology: GT-SS3  
Human Sexuality: GT-SS3  
Comparative Government: GT-SS1  
Introduction to Sociology II: GT-SS3  
Principles of Macroeconomics: GT-SS1  
Choose One Elective 3
Art History Renaissance to Modern: GT-AH1  
Humanities: Medieval-Modern: GT-AH2  
Sociology of Family Dynamics: GT-SS3  
Spanish Language IV: GT-AH4  
Survey of African American Literature: GT-AH2  
Environmental Ethics: GT-AH3  
Choose One Elective 3
History of Architecture  
Spanish Language II  
Goddesses and Women in Ancient World: GT-SS3  
Social Psychology: GT-SS3  
Southwest US Archaeology  
English Composition III: GT-CO3  
 Total Credits60

NOTE: Additional ANT courses beyond the four courses (12 credit hours) identified above may not count toward the anthropology major at the receiving four-year institution. Meet with your academic advisor for more information.

NOTE: The faculty at Community College of Denver have chosen course elective options for this program of study based on the skills students will need to be successful in this discipline. However, for a complete list of available course options, please go to the Colorado Department of Higher Education Transfer Degree Agreement for this program.