Nurse Aide


Health Sciences Pathway


**This program is not eligible for federal student aid.**

The nurse aide certificate prepares you to perform fundamental nursing skills for direct personal care to clients; helping the patient bathe, dress, walk, eat and other daily activities in a long-term facility, hospital or home. The skills are covered in theory, lab and 30 hours of clinical practice.
Clinical practice of nurse aides is regulated by the Colorado Board of Nursing. Colorado has a mandatory Nurse Aide Practice Act, which means that no one may practice as a certified nurse aide without obtaining certification. Students successfully completing the certificate in nurse aide program at CCD are eligible to take the Colorado Nurse Aide Certification Exam.


Please refer to for additional documents to be completed, prior to acceptance into the nurse aide program.

NUA 1001Nurse Aide Health Care Skills4
NUA 1070Nurse Aide Clinical Experience1
Total Credits5

NOTE: The Colorado Board of Nursing, which is responsible for overseeing nurse aides in Colorado, has varied restrictions that may affect persons with a history of a felony conviction. Community College of Denver assumes no responsibility for the denial of licensure by the State Board of Nursing. Prospective students are responsible for contacting the Board of Nursing at 303.894.2432 with any questions regarding their eligibility for licensure.