Graduation Requirements

Catalog Requirements for Graduation

This catalog is effective summer semester 2017 through spring semester 2018. First-time students at CCD who are admitted during this period should use this catalog.

Continuing students who have not had a 12-month lapse in enrollment since first enrolling at CCD have the following "catalog of record" options for meeting their graduation requirements. A student may use the catalog in effect when the student

  • is admitted to CCD;
  • first registers at CCD;
  • submits a Program of Study Change Request form;
  • or applies for graduation.

Students cannot combine major requirements from multiple catalogs for graduation purposes. The catalog of record can be used for only six years for degree programs and three years for certificate programs. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment (attend at least one term during each 12 month period) must be readmitted and are subject to the catalog in effect beginning with the term for which they are readmitted.

CCD retains the right to cancel or change programs or course offerings where enrollments are insufficient or for any other reason. Each course listed in the catalog may not be offered every semester. Some courses are taught only when there is a demand for specific instruction to complete a major curriculum.

Degrees and certificates will be granted during the semester in which the final requirements are completed. Students need to apply for graduation by the published deadline.

An incomplete grade in a course required for graduation in the final semester will result in a denial for graduation and the student must submit a new graduation application by the following graduation deadline.

Mid-way through the fall or spring semester, the Admissions, Registration & Records office will research records of students who have attended CCD in the previous three semesters to identify and automatically award those who are determined to be eligible for a general AA degree, a general AS degree, or an AGS degree based on courses taken at CCD. Awards will be posted at the end of the semester.

Reverse Transfer allows students who have transferred from CCD to a Colorado four-year institution to combine credits from both institutions and apply them towards an associate's degree. This can be done either by opting in to the Degree within Reach program when notified by the four-year institution (students will only be eligible for the AA, AGS, or AS degrees) or students may initiate this process by submitting their official transcript from a four-year institution along with a completed CCD Graduation Application to the CCD Admissions, Registration & Records Office.