Transfer Options

Transferring to Four-Year Institutions

CCD’s Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees are guaranteed to transfer to Colorado public four-year colleges and universities. Students with AA and AS degrees enter four-year institutions as juniors. In some circumstances, an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of General Studies (AGS) degree may transfer.

Transfer Success Center | 303.556.2461

If students intend to transfer, it is very important to become familiar with the requirements of the school they plan to attend as early as possible. For more information, consult the Transfer Success Center (TSC), and students' assigned Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC).

TSC has reference catalogs, transfer guides, and application materials from Colorado’s four-year colleges and universities, as well as catalogs from several out-of-state, four-year colleges and universities.

Representatives from four-year colleges and universities visit CCD regularly. Information about campus visits can be acquired in the TSC office or call 303.556.2461.

Colorado Community College System (CCCS)

Visit the CCCS for links to some of the four-year institutions that have articulation or transfer agreements with CCD.

Colorado Department of Higher Education

Additional information about statewide guaranteed transfer and articulation agreements is available at the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements / Degrees with Designation

A Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreement is an agreement among Colorado community colleges and universities.  These agreements allow a student to graduate from a community college with a 60-credit Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree with designation, such as an Associate of Arts in Business; enroll with junior status at a university; and complete the bachelor's degree in no more than an additional 60 credits (for a total of 120 credits). If a student attends full-time (15 credits per semester) and follows the structured schedule, the student can complete a bachelor's degree in four years.

Note: Some bachelor’s degrees require more than an additional 60 credits to complete. When in doubt, students are encouraged to speak to their Academic Advisor. Information can also be found at the CCCS website:

Students should see their Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center for a list of applicable degrees. If students have not selected a major or are unsure about who their Advisor is, they should visit the Academic Advising Center in the Confluence building for assistance in getting connected. CCD has special articulation or transfer agreements as well. Please connect with an Academic Advisor for more information.  

Certain majors require that students take essential lower-division prerequisites before transferring to a four-year institution. Students should contact their Academic Advisor for help in selecting lower division credit hours and for additional information regarding transfer to a four-year degree.

Prior Learning Assessment Credit, such as CLEP and Advanced Placement, that is approved by CCD and applied towards an AA or AS degree is not guaranteed to transfer. The transferring institution will evaluate these credits according to its own policies. Transfer credits from other institutions and the age of credits may also change the guarantee of transfer for statewide agreements and transfer of credits in general.