How This Catalog Can Help You Succeed

A Valuable Tool

This catalog is a valuable tool for guiding you through enrollment and registering for classes, including:

  • Admission and Registration
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Financial Aid
  • Campus Services
  • Selected Policies
  • Degree and Certificate Requirements
  • Course Descriptions

Please see your academic advisor to answer any questions about the material in this catalog or for help in planning educational goals.

Helpful to Know

Each course listed in the catalog may not be offered every semester. Some courses are taught only when there is a demand for specific instruction to complete a major curriculum. For a list of courses available each semester, consult the current online class schedule.

Where to Find Catalog Updates

This catalog is true and accurate at the time of publication. Additions and changes may occur because of changes in state, system or college regulations or accreditation requirements. Updates, changes and addenda to this catalog can be found at

Additional Publications

This catalog is one of three publications that are essential to your success at Community College of Denver (CCD).

  • Admissions and registration guide is a publication of classes offered. The specific courses offered at CCD are available here online.
  • The student handbook is an annual publication of regulations and resources at CCD as well as a calendar for the academic year. The handbook is distributed to you during orientation and is available for pick-up at the Welcome Center.

Nothing in the catalog, admissions and registration guide, or student handbook is intended to create (nor shall be construed as creating) an expressed or implied contract. CCD reserves the right to modify, change, delete, or add to, as it deems appropriate, the policies, procedures and other general information in the catalog, admissions and registration guide, or student handbook.