Fermentation Science (FER)

FER 101 | Craft Beer Brewing

Lecture Credit: 3 Lab Credit: 1

Examines fermentation science of craft beer brewing industry with an emphasis on wort production, yeast fermentation process, beer contaminants and how to avoid them, brewery cleaning, maintenance and environmental impact. The laboratory experience includes basic microbiological/scientific techniques and brewery experiences. Students MUST be 21 or older to enroll in this class.

Prerequisite: Demonstrated college readiness in English and Math or co-requisite in MAT 055

FER 201 | Wine Fundamentals

Lecture Credit: 4

Examines the manufacture of wines, styles of wines in global wine regions, microbiological science of wine fermentation and organoleptic perception of wines. Class activities emphasize reading wine labels, using language to describe different wines, and descriptions of common wine defects through sensory analysis of wines. Students must be 21 years or older to take this class.

Prerequisite: MAT 050, MAT 099, MAT 120, or MAT 135 with a grade of C or better; or MAT 055 as a corequisite or equivalent Math assessment score placement

FER 203 | Fermented Foods Science

Lecture Credit: 3 Lab Credit: 1

Explores the history and science of fermented foods. Course includes food fermentation lab experiences with dairy, vegetables, sugars and grains. Examines how fermented foods have been used for preservation of food, health attributes and cultural significance.

Prerequisite: Demonstrated college readiness in English and math (CCD.edu/CollegeReady) or concurrent enrollment in MAT 055