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The State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education determines tuition, which is subject to change annually. Fees also can change. Tuition rates and refund deadlines vary for CCCOnline courses. Contact the Cashier's Office with questions about CCCOnline tuition and payment.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Fees apply. See fee explanation below.

Resident Rates Per Credit Hour

  Tuition COF Stipend Your Share
Standard Tuition $242.90 ($94) $148.90
Dental Hygiene (AAS) $381.30 ($94) $296.30
Dental Hygiene (BAS) $409.45 ($94) $315.45
CCD\CCC Online $357.20 ($94) $263.20

Non-Resident Rates Per Credit Hour

  Tuition COF Stipend Your Share
Standard Tuition $610.90 -0- $610.90
Dental Hygiene (AAS) $619.70 -0- $619.70
Dental Hygiene (BAS) $610.90 -0- $610.90
CCD\CCC Online $401.25 -0- $401.25

Fees and refund deadlines vary.

Learn more about the COF stipend.

Students at the Auraria Campus pay set fees that support a variety of services and programs. Students enrolled exclusively online or at CCD's satellite campuses pay all fees except the AHEC Bond Fee, RTD Pass, Student Facilities Fee, and AHEC Clean Energy Fee.

Fee Chart

The following information is an explanation of fees.

AHEC Resource Library Fee $5.19 Per Credit Hour
Auraria Bond Fee $40.67 1-3 Credit Hours
$56.26 4-6 Credit Hours
$75.00 7-11 Credit Hours
$85.96 12 Credit Hours or More
Building/Renovation Fee $8.00 Per Credit Hour
Clean Energy Fee $5.30 Flat Per Semester
Health Center Fee $24.00 Flat Per Semester
Immunization Fee $2.00 Flat Per Semester
Malpractice Insurance $8.50 Flat Per Academic Year
Mental Health Fee $10.37 Flat Per Semester
Registration Fee $13.75 Flat Per Semester
RTD Bus Pass Fee $102.00 Flat Per Semester
Student Activity Fees $7.53 Per Credit Hour
Tivoli Park/Student Space Fee $5.35 Flat Per Semester

 Fee Descriptions

Auraria Higher Education Center Resource Library Fee | $5.19 per credit hour

This fee supports Auraria Library functions.

Auraria Bond Fee

$40.67 for 1-3 credits, $56.26 for 4-6 credits, $75.00 for 7-11 credits, $85.96 for 12 or more credits. Auraria Campus students voted to approve a fee to pay off the bonds that funded construction on the Tivoli Student Union, Auraria Early Learning Center, and campus health physical education and recreation facilities. The students of all three Auraria institutions pay this fee.

Building/Renovation Fee | $8.00 per credit hour

This fee supports the construction of the Confluence Building and the renovation of the Cherry Creek Building.

Clean Energy Fee | $5.30 per term

This student-approved fee is for purchasing clean, renewable electrical power for the Auraria Campus.

Health Center Fee - MSU Denver Medical Center | $24.00 per term

This fee allows students use of the medical center located on the Auraria Campus.

Immunization/Vaccination Fee | $2.00 per term

This fee supplements the provision of immunizations on campus for CCD students.

Malpractice Insurance Fee | $8.50 PER Academic Year

A Malpractice Insurance fee is assessed to those Health Science courses that require clinical activity, see the course description for more information.  


This student-approved fee provides access for all CCD students to mental health counseling services on the Auraria Campus.

Registration Fee | $13.75

The CCCS charges a mandatory $13.75 per semester registration fee to students at all 13 of its colleges.

RTD Bus Pass Fee | $102.00 per term

The RTD bus pass is mandatory for students taking on-campus classes. The Auraria student RTD pass covers fares for local bus service in the Denver-metro area, Light Rail, and all Express or Express Regional services. With the pass, students get a discount on all Sky-Ride routes. The pass is not valid for special services like the BroncosRide, RockiesRide, Access-a-Ride, and Guaranteed Ride Home.

Student Activity Fee | $7.53 per credit hour

This fee supports CCD student life staff and programs, including new student orientation and first-year experience, CCD student government, student handbook publication, child care scholarships, lending library, food bank, recreational activities, student events, Tivoli student computer lab, Auraria Student Health Center, LGBTQ Student Resource Center, and the Phoenix Center at Auraria.

Student Facilities Fee | $5.35 per term

This fee supports the Tivoli park/student spaces.

Additional Fees

Instructional Fees | $7.20

CCD charges a $7.20 per credit hour instructional program fee for high- and medium-cost classes. Other fees and charges may apply.

Program Fees

Please be aware that certain departments, majors or classes may assess specific fees in order to offset associated costs, such as textbook fees, lab fees or toolkit fees.

These fees are subject to change.