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Catalog - Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016

Welcome to CCD

Office of the President

Message from Everette J. Freeman

Welcome to the Community College of Denver!

I am concluding my first year as president of the Community College of Denver. As I enter my 2nd year, I suppose I would be considered a rising freshman or a newly minted sophomore. Either way, I’m finding CCD a delightful haven of intellectual growth and curiosity. That’s exactly the thing that makes CCD so special; it encourages growth and curiosity.

It is becoming more prevalent these days to refer to community college as having admissions policies that are rooted in "guided enrollment" rather than "open enrollment." Don’t get me wrong, CCD has no intentions of turning away any students with the grit and determination to academically excel. Like other community colleges focused on retention, persistence, and graduation rather than double-digit admissions growth, CCD is seeking incoming students with a mind-set bent toward personal and academic growth. We seek to have enter our ranks men and women – regardless of age or any other consideration – who are open-minded, curious and perfectly willing to let us guide you toward your academic goals.

This growth mind-set acknowledges a couple of key things. First, that college is a personal and family investment that will require sacrifices. No more marathon television watching. No more partying ‘til the wee hours of the morning. In some cases, very little time to be the always available spouse, sibling, or responsible home-care provider. At bottom, college requires hard choices. Second, the choice means that you will become more different and, perhaps, more unknowable to those believing that they know you well. They know the old you. The new you they will have to come to know on your new growth terms. Let me give you an example. A first-generation college mom attending CCD may soon discover that green vegetables retain their nutrients best if microwaved rather than boiled in a pot. She changes her cooking methods and her sisters berate her for trying to act better than they are – even despairing that Big Mama never cooked that way. If this situation resembles one that you have faced, you have to stiffen your back with the sure knowledge that, well, knowledge is power and your family members may eventually come around.

This growth mind-set carries with it a huge portion of curiosity. In fact, your curiosity may have given rise to your growth mind-set whether you are a recent high school graduate or a seasoned worker wishing to retool for a better life; curiosity has driven you to see CCD as a part of your immediate plans. Good choice again. Denver, this majestic city that we call home, has its roots in pioneers and settlers – some First Nation people and other late followers – who curiously ventured out into the unknown to make Colorado and the Denver metropolitan area home. Without curiosity there is no possibility for growth and you have set into motion spectacular personal growth by being open to the new and unknown.

Growth and curiosity ignite what CCD does best; namely, direct and guide our students on a journey of intellectual development unlike any other. If you are willing, open and determined to hold onto your curiosity, our incredible faculty, advisors and staff stand ready to guide you through your chosen academic course of study toward whatever those big dreams you possess may be. What we ask simply is that you take the investment of your precious time and resources as seriously as we do. If we push you, it is because we care and know fully that you can travel this course from start to finish. If we send you far more emails and text messages than you might prefer, it is because we want to hear more from you about those new discoveries that you are making in your classes, lab and study groups. If we continue to proclaim to you that we believe you are among the best students anywhere, it is because, well, we believe it completely!

The Community College of Denver 2015-2016 Catalog provides a wealth of information about college life and educational programs that are available to you. Treat the Catalog as your academic "yellow pages," namely, a book that you can always find answers to questions about courses, schedules, academic majors and their requirements and much, much more. Wear this book out and we will be all the happier. Write notes in it. Mark it up with highlighters and crayons. Dog-ear its pages and otherwise make it a book that you are not ashamed to say you completely wore out.

Highlights of what to expect at Community College of Denver:

  • Choose from over 100 degree or certificate programs representing options that will prepare you for a four year degree or provide job specific skills.
  • CCD guarantees students who graduate with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) will be able to transfer credits to Colorado public colleges and universities.
  • CCD has achieved the designation of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Because 25 percent of our students are Hispanic, CCD receives federal funding and grant opportunities that offer scholarships and learning programs for HSI colleges.
  • The newly redesigned Developmental Education program successfully prepares students to succeed in college level work.
  • Several programs are available to assist students in achieving academic success including TRIO Student Support Services, the Educational Opportunity Center, the Resource Center and the Transfer Center.

With nearly 10,000 students, CCD is a community of curious, active learners who understand what it means to try and try again – and grow in the doing. Try us. Stay with us. Graduate.

Welcome to CCD!

Warm regards,

Everette J. Freeman

CCD President