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Catalog 2014-2015

Welcome to CCD

Office of the President

Message from Everette J. Freeman

Welcome to the Community College of Denver!

I am a Community College of Denver freshman. I arrived fresh from Albany, Georgia on November 1, 2014. Like all freshman – and I am including transfer students because in many ways you can consider me a transfer from Albany State University – I arrived at CCD with a bag full of hope and a pocket full of questions.

While new to Denver and CCD, I have discovered that both the city and the College are extraordinarily welcoming. Both open their arms wide to anyone –regardless of career interests, background, present circumstances or politics – provided that individual possesses (or is willing to quickly acquire) the Colorado spirit of grit and determination. Whether you have just completed high school, finally finished your high school equivalency exam, been away from college for some years or never was able to attend college until now, CCD will welcome you wholeheartedly if you are determined to succeed. At CCD, you will find faculty and staff members who will do everything possible to assist you in achieving your educational goals. You will find that same determined spirit in your fellow CCD students who are eager to lend a hand if you ask.

The Community College of Denver 2014-2015 Catalog provides a wealth of information about college life and educational programs that are available to you. Treat the Catalog as your academic "yellow pages," namely, a book that you can always find answers to questions about courses, schedules, academic majors and their requirements and much, much more. Wear this book out and we will be all the happier. Write notes in it. Mark it up with highlighters and crayons. Dog-ear its pages and otherwise make it a book that you are not ashamed to say you completely wore out.

Highlights of what to expect at Community College of Denver:

  • Choose from over 100 degree or certificate programs representing options that will prepare you for a four year degree or provide job specific skills.
  • CCD guarantees students who graduate with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) will be able to transfer credits to Colorado public colleges and universities.
  • CCD has achieved the designation of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Because 25 percent of our students are Hispanic, CCD receives federal funding and grant opportunities that offer scholarships and learning programs for HSI colleges.
  • The newly redesigned Developmental Education program successfully prepares students to succeed in college level work.
  • Several programs are available to assist students in achieving academic success including TRIO Student Support Services, the Educational Opportunity Center, the Resource Center and the Transfer Center.

With nearly 11,000 students, CCD is a community of active learners who understand what it means to try and try again. Try us. Stay with us. Graduate. These are the meanings of grit and determination and it is the CCD way.

As one newcomer to another, welcome to CCD!

Warm regards,

Everette J. Freeman