Mission & Principles

CCD Vision Statement

Every member of our community will attain the education he or she desires.

CCD Mission Statement

CCD provides our diverse community an opportunity to gain quality higher education and achieve personal success in a supportive and inclusive environment.

CCD Values

  • Involvement
  • Student-Focus
  • Integrity
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Excellence
  • Healthy Work Environment  

Targets 2019

CCD will serve as the model of community college education that successfully integrates the entire college to support student learning and success.

CCD will provide all students with thoughtfully designed program tracks that align with institutional outcomes and workforce needs.

CCD will double the percentage of students who complete certificates and degrees.

CCD will re-energize and redefine the college as the destination for high-quality transfer and workforce preparation.

Strategic Priorities 

These priorities are vital to help us reach our 2019 targets: 

  1. Student Learning & Success
    CCD will prioritize student learning and successful completion of educational goals. 
  2. Organizational Integration & Effectiveness
    CCD will re-envision internal relationships to maximize college assets and provide an environment for excellence. 
  3. External Engagement & Partnerships
    CCD will build bridges into the community to address needs, improve engagement and create opportunities. 
  4. Culture of Evidence, Transparency & Shared Information
    CCD will increase access to information and data to enhance institutional decision making.