Institutional Outcomes

  • A CCD graduate is a Complex Thinker. Students will explore and evaluate multiple sources of information, which they will synthesize to solve problems; they will extract meaning from texts, instruction, experience, and other relevant sources to construct new problem-solving approaches based on their insights. Students will make relevant connections between classroom and out-of-classroom learning. 
  • A CCD graduate is an Effective and Ethical User of Technology. Students will exhibit technological literacy and the skills to effectively use it; they will demonstrate the responsible application of intellectual property and privacy; students will use technology ethically and effectively to communicate, solve problems, and complete tasks; students will remain current with technological innovations.
  • A CCD graduate is an Effective Communicator. Students will convey meaning by writing and speaking coherently and effectively in a way that others understand; students will write and speak after reflection; students will influence others through writing, speaking, or artistic expression that is appropriate for the context and audience; students will use appropriate syntax and grammar; students will listen attentively to others and respond appropriately. Students will understand and apply conventions of effective writing and oral communication in academic, public, and professional discourse.
  • A CCD graduate is Globally Aware. Students will consider the interconnectedness of our community and world; they will understand how cultural differences (such as beliefs, traditions, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender) impact personal and community participation; they are aware of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of their actions; they evaluate how technology links individuals and communities and are aware of the social, environmental, technological, and economic impacts of their actions.
  • A CCD graduate is Personally Responsible. Students will incorporate ethical reasoning into action; they will explore and articulate the values of professionalism in personal decision-making. They exemplify dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness and accept personal accountability for their choices and actions. Students will exhibit self-reliant behaviors, including: managing time effectively, accepting supervision and direction as needed, perseverance, valuing contributions of others, and holding themselves accountable for obligations.
  • A CCD graduate is a Numeric Thinker. Students will select relevant data and use several methods such as algebraic, geometric, and statistical reasoning to solve problems; they will interpret and draw inferences from data and mathematical models; they are able to represent mathematical information symbolically, graphically, numerically, and verbally.