Associate of Science Degree - Fermentation Science Designation

Course Requirements

General Education Course Requirements
ENG 121English Composition I : GT-CO13
ENG 122English Composition II: GT-CO23
English Composition II: GT-CO2
and a GT-CO3 course
COM 115Public Speaking3
MAT 121College Algebra : GT-MA14
Arts & Humanities
Two guaranteed transfer Arts & Humanities courses (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4)6
One guaranteed transfer History course (GT-HI1)3
Social & Behavioral Sciences
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology I: GT-SS33
One guaranteed transfer Social & Behavioral Sciences course (GT-SS1 or GT-SS2)3
Natural & Physical Sciences
BIO 111General College Biology I with Lab: GT-SC15
CHE 101Introduction to Chemistry I with Lab: GT-SC15
Subtotal: 38
Additional Required Courses
BIO 208General College Microbiology w/Lab: GT-SC1 15
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to PC Applications
CIS 115
Intro to Computer Information Systems
PHY 111Physics Algebra-Based I with Lab: GT-SC15
Select two of the following credits from the FER prefix:8
FER 101
Craft Beer Brewing 1
Wine Fundamentals
Fermented Foods Science
Select one credit of elective from the list below1
Subtotal: 22
Total Credits60

 Not offered at CCD.


Note: Not all courses listed below are available at CCD
Advanced Academic Achievement
ANT - all courses
ARA - all courses 111 and higher
ART - all courses
ASL - all courses
AST - all courses
BIO - all courses 111 and higher
CHE - all courses 111 and higher
CHI - all courses 111 and higher
Introduction to PC Applications
COM - all courses
Computer Science I: (Language)
Computer Science II: (Language)
DAN, HPE, PED - all courses
ECO - all courses
Introduction to Education
ENG - all courses 121 and higher
Environmental Science with Lab: GT-SC1
FRE - all courses 111 and higher
GEO - all courses
GER - all courses 111 and higher
GEY - all courses
HIS - all courses
HUM - all courses
Human Nutrition
ITA - all courses 111 and higher
JOU - all courses
JPN - all courses
LIT - all courses
MAT - all courses 111 and higher
MUS - all courses
PHI - all courses
PHY - all courses
POS - all courses
PSY - all courses
SOC - all courses
SPA - all courses 111 and higher
THE - all courses
WST - all courses