Associate of Arts Degree - Spanish Designation

Course Requirements 

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredits
COM 115 Public Speaking 3
Or COM 125
Interpersonal Communication 
ENG 121 English Composition I : GT-CO1 1,2 3
MAT 120 Math for Liberal Arts: GT-MA1 1,3 4
SPA 111 Spanish Language I 4 5
Second Semester
ENG 122 English Composition II: GT-CO2 2 3
SPA 112 Spanish Language II 4 5
Guaranteed Transfer Natural & Physical Sciences Course (GT-SC1) 4
Guaranteed Transfer Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, GT-SS3) 3
Third Semester
HIS 244 History of Latin America: GT-HI1 3
SPA 211 Spanish Language III: GT-AH4 5 3
Guaranteed Transfer Natural & Physical Sciences Course (GT-SC1 or GT-SC2) 4
Guaranteed Transfer Arts & Humanities Course (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4) 3
Fourth Semester
SPA 212 Spanish Language IV: GT-AH4 5 3
Guaranteed Transfer Social & Behavioral Sciences Course (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, GT-SS3) 3
Elective 6 3
Elective 6 3
Elective 6 5
 Total Credits60

 Building Block Course


Students can take ENG 122 and an additional GT-CO3 course instead of ENG 121 and ENG 122.


 Guaranteed Transfer Math Course (GT-MA1): MAT 120 is recommended.


SPA 111 and/or 112 may be waived, based on a student’s proficiency level. Students should consult a departmental advisor at the four-year college or university.


Those students who have a higher proficiency level than is required for SPA 211 or 212 should substitute other Arts & Humanities courses. Heritage speakers may want to substitute SPA 261 (Grammar-Heritage Lang Speaker) and SPA 262 (Comp-Heritage Lang Speaker), if available.


 Suggested courses: 200-level Spanish courses; courses outside the Spanish department with content related to the Spanish-speaking world.


AAA 109Advanced Academic Achievement3
ANT 101Cultural Anthropology: GT-SS33
ANT 211Cultural Resource Management3
ASL 121American Sign Language I (or higher)5
CHI 111Chinese Language I (or higher)5
EDU 231Introduction to Bilingual Education4
ETH 106From Indios to Chicanos3
ETH 224Intro to Chicano Studies3
FRE 111French Language I (or higher)5
GEO 105World Regional Geography: GT-SS23
GER 111German Language I (or higher)5
HIS 209History of the American Southwest3
HIS 225Colorado History: GT-HI13
HIS 244History of Latin America: GT-HI13
HIS 246History of Mexico: GT-HI13
HIS 24720th Century World History: GT-HI13
HIS 260US Foreign Relations History: GT-HI13
HUM 237Hispanic Arts of the Southwest3
ITA 111Italian Language I (or higher)5
JPN 111Japanese Language I5
LIT 201World Literature to 1600: GT-AH23
LIT 202World Literature After 1600: GT-AH23
LIT 205Ethnic Literature: GT-AH23
MUS 123Survey of World Music: GT-AH13
POS 205International Relations: GT-SS13
SPA 201Conversational Spanish III3
SPA 202Conversational Spanish IV3
SPA 215Spanish for Professional II3
SPA 235Spanish Reading-Writing3
SPA 261Grammar for the Heritage Language Speaker3
SPA 262Composition for the Heritage Language Speaker3