Food, Nutrition, & Wellness

Certificate in Food, Nutrition, & Wellness

**This program is not eligible for federal student aid.**

Nutrition is a fascinating and dynamic science with a powerful role to play in promoting and sustaining health and wellness. In this 3-course certificate program students will explore various approaches to health and wellness through studying the concepts, values, and applications of this exciting field of health science. In the first two courses, students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition, explore what it means to eat healthy, discover how to efficiently meal plan and grocery shop, and obtain techniques that will make cooking fun, easy, and enjoyable! In the third and final course, students will focus on fitness and wellness which will provide a foundation to design, implement, and evaluate a complete personal fitness and wellness program This certificate is relevant for students pursuing education in nutrition or health related fields, health care professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers, wellness coaches, massage therapists, life coaches, teachers, caregivers; or any individual with an interest in food, diet, and optimal health. 


Meet minimum assessment scores and/or prerequisites for courses in the program.


HWE 100Human Nutrition3
HWE 124Fitness and Wellness2
HWE 143Applied Nutrition to Whole Food Cooking3
Total Credits8