International Student Admission

Admission Requirements

Non-immigrant, international students who wish to obtain a student visa (F-1) to study at Community College of Denver must complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete an Application for International Admission available on the CCD website.
  2. Submit non-refundable application fee of $75 (USD).
  3. Submit official copies of high school and college transcripts (if available). All documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  4. Submit documents of financial support or bank statements showing a minimum balance of $25,565 (USD) to cover expenses for each academic year. Students who have a sponsor must submit an Affidavit of Support along with financial documents.
  5. Submit evidence of English proficiency.
    • Meet the minimum test scores through one of the following: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or Michigan Test. For specific test score requirements, refer to the website for information on International Admissions at
    • Successful completion of an intensive program of English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) at an approved institution. Students are required to take the English Writing Test at CCD.
    • Students who test below the college level must enroll in developmental coursework.
    • English proficiency may be waived for applicants who:
      1. have graduated from a U.S. high school,
      2. have attended at least three semesters on a full-time basis at an English-speaking institution of higher education, or
      3. are nationals of countries where English is the official language of instruction in the educational system.
  6. Students transferring from a U.S. college/university must submit:
    • Official transcript(s).
    • Current financial statement(s).
    • Passport, Visa, and I-94 Arrival-Departure Record.
    • Copy of Form I-20 issued by the institution from which they are transferring.
  7. CCD will issue Form I-20 and an acceptance letter once all the requirements are satisfied.

Submission of Application Materials

All required materials must be received by the application deadline.

  • The application deadline for international students (F-1), who are currently in the United States, is two weeks prior to the start of the term.
  • The application deadline for students who are outside of the United States is three months prior to the start of the term as shown below.
Term Application Deadline
FallJune 1
SpringNovember 1
SummerMarch 1

Please send application materials to:

Admissions, Registration & Records
Campus Box 201, PO Box 173363
Denver, CO 80217-3363

For express deliveries (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.), please use:

Admissions, Registration & Records
1501 5th Street
Denver, CO 80204
Tel: 303.556.3564 or 303.352.3300

International Students Must Maintain the Following to Keep Their F-1 Student Status

  • International students must maintain full-time enrollment and good academic standing with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher each term.
  • To achieve full-time enrollment, international students may not repeat classes which they have completed with a grade of C or higher.
  • Internships and/or off-campus employment may be recommended under specific circumstances with USCIS/Designated School Official (DSO) approval.
  • Students are expected to notify the DSO of any changes that may impact their non-immigrant student status.
  • New student orientation is mandatory for all international students.