Academic Advising

Academic Advising Center (AAC) | Confluence 123 | 303.556.2481

CCD’s Academic Advisors are an important component of students' success team.

The relationship that students have with their assigned Academic Advisor is important, ensuring that students choose the right major or program for their educational and career goals and reach the goal of graduation and/or transfer.

New/transfer students are assigned an Advisor based on their declared program or major within two weeks after each semester begins. The Academic Advising Center is located on the first floor of the Confluence building, Suite 123.

Advising Pathways

All degrees and certificate programs are clustered into seven Advising Pathways, each with their own advising experts. Students will meet with the same Advisor the whole time they are at CCD, giving students continuity and a single point of contact.

The Advising Pathways are as follows:

  • Arts, Humanities, & Design
  • Business & Public Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Science, Engineering, Technology, & Math
  • Industry, Manufacturing, and Construction
  • Education & Teaching
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

Go to the Academic Advising Center website at to learn more about the Advising Pathways and CCD’s Degrees and Certificates.

Declaring or Changing Your Program of Study

Students should indicate their program of study when completing the application for admission. A student declares a program of study when first enrolling and should verify the program online via CCDConnect each semester. New students should consult this catalog or an Academic Advisor to determine available programs of study.

Students may request to change their program of study with the Admissions, Registration & Records office and/or may need to see their Academic Advisor for select programs and approvals. All students are advised to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss program requirements before changing their program of study. All Center for Health Sciences programs and some Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs require department approval in order for Admissions, Registration & Records to change a student's program of study.

Students should consult with Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs before changing their program of study as it may impact their eligibility.