Tuition Refund Policy

About This Policy

Students may receive a refund of tuition and fees for any classes dropped by the census date or for any classes cancelled by the college. The census date for standard classes is listed in the Admissions & Registration Guide and in the Academic Calendar online at The census date varies depending upon the length of the class. Students should refer to their schedule of classes to determine the census date for each class. It is the student's responsibility to drop classes by the published deadline.

No refunds are given after the census date. Students receiving financial aid may have their aid adjusted and should check with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a class.

Students who are owed a refund will be required to pay for all classes added after refunds are issued. Account balances can be viewed and paid online at CCDConnect.

Prior to the census date, students may be dropped from their classes for failure to pay their outstanding balances or for non-attendance, which may include any required corequisite class regardless of attendance in that class. If dropped prior to census, students are not responsible for the tuition for dropped classes. If dropped after census for non-payment or non-attendance, the student will not be permitted back into the class.

Military students who are called to active duty during the semester should talk to the Admissions, Registration & Records office to discuss the tuition refund policy.