Learning Options

To meet the diverse needs of students, CCD offers a variety of ways for students to reach their educational goals.

Traditional-Style Courses

CCD offers traditional-style courses in which students are required to attend lectures and/or labs on specific days and times. Regular classes run for 15 weeks during fall and spring semesters, and for 10 weeks during summer semesters. Classroom instruction includes a minimum of 15 hours of in-person contact per credit hour. Instruction may include lectures, small group discussions, labs, field trips, or other in-person delivery methods. Many traditional-style courses include online exercises.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses include both traditional-style, in-class sessions and online meetings, exercises and/or scheduled discussions. This format combines the flexibility of online courses with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the instructor and classmates.

Online Courses

CCD Online Courses

Class participation and the exchange of ideas are the foundation of CCD online courses. CCD online courses have specific beginning and ending dates, and learners cover designated material with weekly due dates for assignments. Learners retain control over their daily schedules and do not need to be at the computer at a specific time on a specific day. Email access and computer literacy are required.

CCCOnline Courses

CCCOnline is a consortium of all the community colleges in Colorado. For more information, visit www.CCCOnline.org.

Evening & Weekend Courses

Like traditional-style courses, evening and weekend courses require attendance on specific days and times. Many evening and weekend courses may also be late-start or accelerated and may meet for longer class sessions than traditional-style courses.

Late-Start Courses

Late-start courses are designed to accommodate students who enroll after the term begins. Credit earned through late-start courses is identical to credit earned through any other CCD course. Class duration, start dates, and end dates vary; students should check the course schedule for complete details.

Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses offer fast-paced, intensive learning options for motivated students and are ideal for those who can work independently. Check class requirements and class dates, as some accelerated courses are also late-start courses.

Inter-Institutional Courses with MSU Denver & CU Denver

CCD and neighboring institutions, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) and University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), have an inter-institutional agreement that allows CCD students to take select courses at MSU Denver or CU Denver if space is available. The tuition will be paid at CCD, excluding any fees that may be required. MSU Denver and CU Denver students can also take select courses at CCD, if space is available. For instructions on how to register for inter-institutional courses, please refer to Inter-Institutional Registration.